Intel Developer Forum keynote

Just got back from the Intel Developer Forum keynote.
Good stuff announced there: Core 2 Extreme quad processor coming in November, HD-DVD from Toshiba for under $500 by Christmas, cool UMPC interacting with vehicle nav system stuff, el-cheapo computers in foreign countries initiative, etc etc.
It was a long keynote and didn’t have big surprises, but I was surprised to learn that the quad cores are coming so soon. Makes me think twice about whether I want to jump on a dual-core right away. Need to check out the sockets, etc. Hmmmmmm.
I have to admit I was disappointed by how little of the content at the Intel Developer Forum was applicable for me as a game developer. Very few talks there that I actually care about; so many talks are focused on server farms, the health care industry, mobile platforms, things of this sort. I think it’s probably Kim’s fault, since he left Intel. 🙂