Game Programming Gems books

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I sometimes forget that there are people who find my blog through the Game Programming Gems connection. Usually I assume that the folks who read what I’ve written here are just people who already know me, although there have been occasions in the past which have helped me remember that some journalists stop by now and then as well. (Note to self: don’t comment here about Xbox engineers ragging on the PS3 architecture, or the latest speeches by Ken Kutaragi or Phil Harrison!)
When I first was thinking about working on a game programming book, I started with a “what does the industry need” approach. I analyzed what was already available in books, magazines, and websites, and tried to come up with something that would be valuable for people, making their lives easier and raising the overall quality level of games. I think we’ve done a good job with the Gems books, although of course some gems/sections/books are more useful to some people than others. It’s amazing the number of people who have contributed to the books, and I’m excited to see the writers who have gone on and written full books on their areas of expertise. More information sharing = good!
We’ve done six Game Programming Gems volumes now (see above), and I’m thinking about what might be useful for people in today’s game industry, and how I might be able to contribute. What do you think? I’d love to hear people’s thoughts about what you wish was available, and how you’d ideally access it (book, website, podcast, whatever). Post a comment here or drop me an email at madsax (at) and let me know what you’re thinking about! Thanks!