For some reason I’m having a terrible time sleeping. Sleep keeps sounding like a great idea, but then I get into bed and just lie here.
It’s been over a week since returning from the trip, but my body is still confused. Maybe it’s that whole gain-a-day / lose-a-day thing. I’m now “out of sync with reality” like some crazy Twilight Zone episode. Or was that Outer Limits? That one where people lived in the gaps between minutes? The world would catch up to them, inhabit their world for a minute, and then move on? Or maybe that was just some crazy dream I had. I don’t think so though. 🙂
Anyway, I’m getting some work done. At 4:30am. Urgh!
Guess I’ll try again for some more sleep now. If that doesn’t work, I suppose there’s always PGR3.