Travel photos

Here are some photos from my recent travels.
The New York CIty wedding in Central Park – who knew that Dave could dance? There’s hope for white men yet.
Buildings: New York City, Chrysler building – this is one of the most beautiful skyscrapers I’ve seen.
Buildings: New York City, United Nations building – one lone flag for peace.
Buildings: New York City, the “Lipstick” building – this reminded me of a wedding cake. I’ve always wanted to see skyscrapers in shapes other than “box”. Here’s one! Everyone gets a corner office!
Buildings: Austin, Frost building – this building looks like it is going to shoot electricity into the sky or something. Maybe they control the world’s weather from here.
Hey, I’ve seen these guys before! What are they doing in New York City?
Here are their friends, near Moscone Center in San Francisco:
San Francisco graffiti.
San Francisco’s Union Square on the weekend, gotta love it.
Travel isn’t quite done yet – I’m in Montreal this week for the Game Summit. Let me know if you’ll be there too!