J’s big head

I just have to refer you to this very excellent quote from J Allard at X05, which I’ve stripped from this article on GameSpot.
“If my GDC keynote contributed to Sony having better tools on PlayStation so developers could be better on PlayStation, [so they] could focus more on games, God bless them. That’s a good thing, you know. If they’re embarrassed by their controller design as a result of having played with our wireless gamepad and they make a better toy, God bless them.”
I will admit, J’s amazing keynote at GDC really did have a profound impact on the way I look at working with developers. I mean, I had no idea that you could buy developer goodwill by giving away so many HDTV’s! πŸ˜‰ And pissing off so many developers (the 2/3 who didn’t receive HDTV’s) in one stroke was absolutely genius!
MMmmm… smell the sarcasm…