In Austin…

…and I’m really friggin tired. Had a really nice dinner last night at Eddie V, maybe had too much wine, maybe stayed up too late. Visited a few developers today and then drove around a bit to check out the area. Wandered around in the GIGANTIC Whole Foods here, which is at their headquarters. Unbelievable. Almost enough to make me want to move. 😉 Well maybe not quite enough. But I’m beginning to understand why people like it here. Great weather, good food, lots of restaurants and bars, tons of music, and the real estate is not too out of control. If it just wasn’t in Texas…! 😉
Conferences start tomorrow… the Game Technology Association meeting and Austin Game Conference.
I’m horribly behind on my email and work activities right now. So much travel lately. And being sick while travelling… no fun.
Think I need a coffee.