Not much posting lately, sorry! I’ve been working hard and then worrying a lot when I’m not working hard. E3 is coming up, and I’m worried about budgets, and things that follow from that.
I’ve always thought that I should really love what I do for work. That if I don’t, I should go find something else to do. And, having found something I love, I should work at it as hard as I can. Otherwise, what’s the point in doing it?
But now I’m getting older, and I’m finding that I’ve worked hard and I’m sitting here wondering if I should work a little less hard and get a life. 🙂 I’ve had a lot of conversations lately with people who are much better at the work/life balance than I am. Granted, being devoted to work can get you a long way, but it can get a bit tiring. And you can burn out, or just find yourself getting frustrated about very little things, since you’re riding on the ragged edge all the time.
So my question of the evening is, what do YOU do to prevent yourself from burning out?
EDIT: I suppose this is sort of a stupid question, it’s one of those things that has an intuitive answer. Work less! Play more! Go on vacation! 🙂 But what do you do when you can’t?