E3 2005: Saturday Night

Well, the show is over and I fly back tomorrow. I’m so tired. Time to go to bed!
It’s been interesting to me to read the responses to my post on the Xbox press conference. I guess I’ve learned something in the process, which is that I shouldn’t assume that the people reading this blog are people who know me. I assume that people who know me can hear the sarcasm, or when I’m kidding around, etc, and don’t take my comments as coming from Sony or some “evil empire”. I guess I’ll have to not assume that any more. Or another possibility is that I can just avoid making comments that regard my work. That’s probably more sensible.
Maintaining a reasonable separation between my work and my personal opinions has always been a challenge, and it looks like it will continue to be.
This experience has also reminded me of why I don’t post in public forums very much! 🙂
In any case, it was an interesting experience and thank you to those of you who stopped by to read my ramblings. Now I’ll go back to making fun of President Bush, and documenting my attempts to find the perfect doughnut in San Francisco. 🙂