E3 2005: A few pictures

I didn’t take many pics at E3 this year… but here are a few!
This was a surprising and welcome sight upon ambling up to the convention center for the first time! (This one you’ve already seen!)
My first party was at the Playboy Mansion. Unfortunately, all my pictures came out like this or worse! This is the grotto. No, really, it is! (You may be asking yourself… where are the bunnies?)
This is Raph Koster from SOE-San Diego. He and his team are doing some amazing, amazing stuff with terrain and procedural geometry. Some of it was highlighted in our PS3 tech demos at the press conference.
These cats are Chris Charla and Mike Mika of Foundation9 Entertainment (formerly Digital Eclipse / Backbone Entertainment), the big brains behind Death Jr.
And lastly, Chris Melissinos and Jeff Kesselman from Sun, continuing to fight the good fight in dragging Sun Microsystems into the game space!
It was great seeing you all! Now, to finish my trip report!