DICE Summit

I’m heading to Las Vegas again, this time for the DICE Summit. My first visit to that conf – should be entertaining. I was surprised to just notice that they want to charge people $35 for a ticket to the awards ceremony. I heard that it usually sucks? I wonder if the price is included in my DICE pass. Hmm.
Wow, I also just noticed that they don’t want you to download the “DICE Summit” image on the front page of www.interactive.org. What the hell is up with that? If I really want it, I’ll just screen-grab it instead. Try right-clicking on it. Paranoia.
I’m considering hooking up my EyeToy as a webcam (see pic) and bringing it with me to point out hotel room windows while travelling. Gotta write a few scripts to do that properly. For that matter, it might be taking a lot of pictures of dark cityscapes, since that’s the only time my laptop can be on and attached to the hotel network. Ah well, maybe I’ll think about that a bit more. 🙂