Today, I’m lacking in motivation

But I’ve found all sorts of interesting things on the net.
Like the “Audi-Oh”, a “personal stimulation” device which reacts to sound. Alternet suggests using it to make listening to the news more enjoyable.
Then there’s the website for Simple Living, a great show which airs on PBS. There’s not much on the site, but there are a few video clips there which will give you an idea for what the show is about. Recommended!
I heard a story on NPR (or was it Pacifica) a few days ago, about this video from AgriProcessor shot by PETA, hosted on the GoVeg site. It’s very hard to watch. If you browse the PETA site you’ll find all sorts of stuff that will make you think twice about eating tasty animal flesh. Wouldn’t you rather have a pickle?
This video from Prodigy is pretty disturbing. But then, it’s Prodigy, so I pretty much expected disturbing.
Then there are these two weird decomposition videos. Um, decomposition videos? How bored are these people? Maybe the game industry can use these videos to study better ways to disappear dead-body polygons.
Lastly, I really like this site filled with comparison shots of New York City. Most of them compare a 1930’s shot with a 1990’s shot. Pretty cool stuff.
Hope you’re having a more productive day than I am. 🙂