Working from home

Seems like many weekends since I moved into my new place, I’ve told friends “sorry, I can’t come out and play, I have to work.” At the end of each weekend I think to myself, “ahhh, well at least next week I’ll be able to play.” But then the next weekend comes around and I find myself in the same situation. For a long time, I’ve been comfortable with this approach. But recently it’s started becoming much less acceptable. So the question of the day is, “Am I not working hard enough when I’m at work, or do I have too many things on my plate?”
What occurs to me is that if I put strict time constraints on my work hours, this answer could quickly become apparent. If I find myself falling behind, and re-double my efforts to be effective during the day, and yet still keep falling behind, it’s likely that I have too many things on my plate. I can delegate some of my tasks, that shouldn’t be a problem. But I realize that by being willing to sacrifice my weekends, I don’t put that constraint on my work time, and I don’t force myself to be as effective at work as I might be otherwise. That means it is also less clear if I need to delegate any of my work due to being overloaded. My willingness to let work spread into other areas of my life means that I’m unable to tell. It makes sense that this would make me an unhappy Mark.
Granted, developer relations is a task that doesn’t always stick to the 9-to-7: lunches, dinners, weekend meetings, etc, are the norm. But I consider those events more as a fun opportunity to meet up with some cool people for a chat. So that doesn’t really work into the equation.
Therefore, this week’s rumination will be: What happens when I stick to a work schedule?