Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today was a lazy Sunday. I got the process for moving under way by purchasing some boxes at U-Haul and popping a bunch of my junk up onto Craigslist.
I also agreed this morning to sell my DeLorean to a fellow from Newport Beach. He’s going to drive up Monday to pick up the car. He knows what he’s getting into, and he’s going to basically bring the car straight to DeLorean One for repairs. So that’s good news. But I did agree to sell it for him for less than I’d hoped to get, and I just noticed the Ebay auction has tipped over that amount. So that’s a bummer. However, this guy is making it really easy to sell to him, so that counts for something. And it’ll frankly just be nice to get a bit more cash in the bank before I have to go and give it all to my real estate agent and mortgage broker! 🙂
My brother just made airline reservations to come down here and hang out over Labor Day Weekend, and my good buddy Dante Treglia from EA Canada is thinking about coming down the weekend after that. Yayy!
Actually, I think I spent the majority of the day attempting to grade GDC session proposals. Man, there are a lot of them this year!