Party Games

I have some friends coming over this weekend to play some games for a few hours before we head down to Santa Cruz to see a play. I love having people over to play games – I’m just a big ol’ geek and if I had the space I’d start throwing LAN parties every weekend.
So I’m toying with what good party games are for three people. I should emphasize that the other two people are women, one of whom is fairly hardcore (Halo, NFS:Underground) and one of whom is basically a gaming newbie. So here’s what I’m thinking: EyeToy:Play, DDRMAX2, Mario Party 4, Ribbit King. Perhaps Gamecube WarioWare (I have to pick that one up still). Since we only have one PC we’re pretty much bound to console games, but I have three controllers for each console so we’re in good shape there. Hmmm, perhaps Karaoke Revolution too.
What are your favorite party games for mixed audiences?